December 3, 2018

Be Visionary In Your Perspective

Be visionary in your perspective. DeWitt Jones, the award winning photographer and speaker, says, “Vision is the ability to see what everyone else sees and to see something different.” 

Vision is personal and marks your divine birthright. It’s not something foreign or undiscoverable because it was implanted on your heart. Complacency and routine hide it from view. But when you begin to see what only you can see and bring it sharply into view you’ll grow your influence, increase your impact and expand your contribution.  

Be visionary in your perspective is “Principle #4”  of impact, influence and contribution

Six Principles of Impact, Influence and Contribution


  1. Humble in your aspirations.
  2. Gracious in your victories.
  3. Resilient in your failings.
  4. Visionary in your perspective.
  5. Grounded in your choices.
  6. Persistent in your purpose.


The world is noisy—fast to pass judgment, draw shallow conclusions and encourages us to tie our contribution and well being to external rewards and recognition. As a result we let the fear of other peoples opinions (FOPO) cloud our vision.

Being visionary in your perspective requires you to cast distractions aside and silence the noise in order to find your identity, your voice and allow your devine calling to be your guide. Marcus Aurelius said, “Ambition means tying your well-being to what other people say or do…Sanity means tying it to your own actions.” Being visionary in your perspective is the pathway to becoming the best version of you.

Surround Yourself with Encouragers

Surrounding yourself with encouragers sounds simple but it’s not. To prove my point make a mental list of all the truly encouraging people you know? Think a little deeper and identify who you know that consistently and purposefully encourages you? You’ve likely confirmed that reliable sources of encouragement is hard!

This is a primary reason why only one in five people get enough encouragement every day. On most days you are experiencing an encouragement deficiency. This is why it is so important to build a relationship with a coach who encourages you and surround yourself with sources encouragement.

When you connect with someone who encourages you and believes in your vision you’ll unleash your potential for impact, growth and contribution.

Turn Off What Drains You 

If you want your vision to grow and prosper, you need plug the leaks that drain it. One of the primary vision leaks is plugging into technology. It is projected that on average we will spend 13 years, which is about 15% of your life, engaged with social media and watching television. 

Television and social media are not only stealing your time; they are also robbing you of your health and peace of mind. Research shows that social media and television increase depression and anxiety, expose us to bullying, give rise to unrealistic expectations, lead us to believe we are missing out and produce unhealthy sleep patterns. 

Turning off what drains creates time and space to breathe life into your vision.

Guard Your Vision

I was at the Igniting Souls Conference, in Columbus, Ohio a few weeks ago. I love this conference because it helps me guard my vision. Kary Oberbrunner shared a quote that grabbed my attention.

“Don’t let a blind person proofread your vision!”

Let me remind you that you possess a unique time and place in history. No one can replace the devine vision you were created to fulfill. This time and place is uniquely yours and it is both your calling and responsibility to grow your influence, increase your impact and expand your contribution. 

You guard your vision by connecting with and building relationships with people who can see the possibilities and potential that resides within you. Research shows that 58% of us say there are significant gaps between what we say is important in our lives and how we actually live. 

This gap is the divide between where you find yourself today and your vision.  

Where Do You Start?

Let's start by getting grounded in what is truly important to you. I have found the best way to do this is to answer two questions.

  1. Who do you want to be remembered by?
  2. What do you want to be remembered for?

Now considering your answers ask yourself, “Who do I have to become in order for me to do my best to fulfill this vision?” You don’t have to know all the steps—just take the next best step which requires vision. You'll find your vision of your best future when you answer these two questions.

Put the Principle to Work

For each of of the six principles, I have created a worksheet to help you think about and put the principle to work.

What you'll learn:

  • Five Qualities Possessed by Great Encouragers
  • How to Surround Yourself with Great Encouragers
  • How to Discover What is Truly Important to You

Click to Download Principle #4 Worksheet

See you at the finish line!

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