September 23, 2014

You Are Losing Your Marbles!

Have you ever been unaware of something that has been going on for sometime?  Have you ever had something not work out as you planned it?

A number of years ago I was sitting around the table, with my family, for dinner. My oldest son, Matthew, was about ten at the time and was seated across from me. I must have had my head down concentrating on the food in front of me when I looked up Matthew was looking at me, with a smile on his face. As I made eye contact he said, “Hey dad, I think you are losing your hair.” I laughed and replied, “How do you think I’ll look?” Without a moments hesitation he said, “Not that good.”

Kids do say the funniest things.

I have in fact lost most of my hair. Okay nearly all of my hair. I did not notice the extent of my hair loss for sometime and it certainly did not turn out as I had planned.

I have come to embrace the idea that hair is overrated. It didn’t change a lot of things other than limiting my already limited modeling opportunities. There simply other things in life that are much more important.

What is truly important to you?

Can you answer this question with simple clarity?

Now think about what you said was important and consider what a research study by The Energy Project found.

58% of us say there are significant gaps between what we say is important in our lives and how we actually live.

I recently read about a man who on his 55th birthday concluded he had 20 great years left to pursue what was really important in his life. He bought a vase and 1,040 marbles.

The marbles represented the weeks until his 75th birthday. The vase and the marbles were a visual reminder to live with urgency and focus on what was really important. Every week he would take a marble out of the vase, look at the number of marbles left, and build his plan for the week around what was really important.

It is never too early, or too late, to focus on what is really important. Jim Elliot was a missionary who was one of five missionaries killed while participating in Operation Auca in Ecuador. Elliot said,

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

You are losing your marbles. We actually don’t know how many marbles are left in our vase, but what we do have is the one we could be holding in our hand right now. How do we align what we say is important with how we actually live?

  • Honor and commit your time to the most important roles in your life.
  • Challenge yourself consistently with this question, “Is what I am doing right now contributing to my highest and most important goal?”
  • Don’t worry about your hair. You know what I mean. Focus on making an impact on the people and causes that will make a difference.

Today is a great day. It’s your time. Live with purpose focused on what is important, one marble at a time.

Leave a one word comment. Yes or No - you liked the visual of the marbles in the vase.

31 comments on “You Are Losing Your Marbles!”

  1. I always enjoy your insight and wisdom Jim! Very inspiring and of course you continually give me things to ponder and think about...I am working on doing what is most important and my "happiness factor"! Thanks for all the posts, I do really enjoy them-


    1. Terry, it is always nice to receive your support and encouragement. I know you are always looking to make your "marbles" count. I am always excited when these messages hit the mark and it inspires and encourages us to be better.

  2. As always, great thoughts simply stated make the biggest impact.
    Until now, yes I too was losing my marbles.
    Now, I prefer to think of it as adding marbles to my jar as I finally start to focus on the really important things and let everything else go.
    I'm looking forward to having my jar overflow!
    PS: you are doing the whole losing your hair thing with style.

  3. Loved the visual of the marbles. It is a great tool to live each day keeping the main thing the main thing - keeping my focus on what is truly important. I so appreciate the humor as well. Thank you Jim!

  4. Yes. I love the visual and will incorporate the idea of today's marble into my morning practice as I create my day. I so appreciate you and your encouragement. Thanks for who you are and all you give to the world! It's truly..............impactful.

  5. Love the marbles! Your insight is great, and I should comment more often. I figure you already know uplifting and inspiring you are.
    Have a great day (hair or no hair)


    1. Pam, thanks! You should comment more often! Love to see everyone's insights and thoughts. We can never have enough inspiration and encouragement. I appreciate the sentiment that hair is overrated.

    1. Mike, it is a very powerful visual. I just may take 365 marbles and put them in a jar on January 1. So much to do and so little time to do it. Thanks for reading and sharing our work.

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