Learning How to Win at What Matters Most to You

These online video classes are the simple, powerful and effective way to get the professional coaching you need to breakthrough the barriers that stand between you and the life you desire most.


Clarity to Win Coaching Program

Making the complexity of success simple. This program will help you achieve dramatic performance improvement and avoid failing at what matters most in your life.

One year from now if you are in the same place you are today, personally and professionally, will you be happy, satisfied and successful?

The Villain:

  • The lack of clarity gives rise to your greatest fear that you’ll fail in the major assignments and opportunities in your life.
  • The lack of clarity is hijacking your magnificent race and keeping you from experiencing the glorious and celebrated finish you imagine.

The Program:

  • Week #1: Getting to Your Clarity: Identifying Your High-Impact Races
  • Week #2: Getting to Your Clarity: Fueling Your High-Impact Races
  • Week #3: Envisioning Your Finish Line
  • Week #4: Great Finishes Require Your Great Thinking
  • Week #5: Getting to Your Finish Line: A Proven Recipe for Achieving Your Goals
  • Week #6: Executing Your Winning Race Plan
  • Week #7: Finish Your Race Strong—The Power of Accountability

What you get:

  • Bite sized video lessons: Making the complex simple.
  • Workbooks: Step-by-steps guide to support your learning.

8 Proven Steps to Achieving Your Biggest Goals and Dreams

This time-tested and research validated goal achievement process is the system, coaching and support you need to achieve your biggest goals and dreams

The Villain:

  • The human brain—unless you get your brain on board goal achievement is more difficult.
  • The lack of clarity and process robs the focus and discipline necessary to overcome the resistance and adversity that comes with the pursuit of big goals.

The Program:

  • Introduction: Setting the Stage for Great Goal Achievement
  • Module #1: Getting Your Brain on Board
  • Module #2: Eight Step Goal-Achievement Process 
  • Module #3: Not All Goals are Created Equal
  • Module #4: The Secret Question that Drives Energy and Effort

What you get:

  • 13 bite-sized videos
  • Learning and progress checklists.
  • Workbook
  • Goal Planner Worksheet

Let's work together.

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