October 13, 2017

Moments of Significance

It was a moment like few we ever experience. This was a moment of significance that will be remembered forever. People will be talking about the setting and event for years to come. But for me the significance of a brief moment was more—much more!

I have dreamed of these moments. But try as we might, these indelible experiences can’t be planned for or manufactured. We are unlikely to see them coming. They sprout from seeds we sow along our journey possibly never realizing we had nurtured them along the way.

The Setting

It was not an ordinary Friday. I traveled from Southern California to Pullman, Washington to meet my boys to watch WSU play USC. A raucous Martin Stadium crowd was amped up in hopes of the Cougars upsetting the 5th ranked Trojans.

Sam Darnold, everyone’s Heisman Trophy candidate favorite, had won all 13 games he had started as the Trojans quarterback. The Cougars had not defeated a top-five team since 2003. Goodness, the Cougars had only beaten the iconic Trojans nine times in 73 tries and adversity reigned on their last visit to Pullman.

On this night we made it ten! Cougs 27 - Trojans 24!

The Moment

After the final seconds ticked off the clock, I was standing next to my oldest son Matthew. We looked at each other hardly able to comprehend our good fortune. He hugged me and said, “This and the Ducks winning the Stanley Cup are the two greatest sports moments in my life and I got to share them both with you!”moments of significance, wsu, cougars, go cougs, Matthew Akers, Andrew Akers, Jim Akers

Moments later, my youngest son Andrew (was not sitting with us) calls me. “Dad, that was incredible. Can you believe it? This was an awesome day!”

Creating Moments of Significance

I was recently honored to be a guest on Brandon Handley’s podcast, Fatherhood For the Rest of Us ( Click here to check it out).

Brandon and I talked about the fathering journey, connecting with our kids and creating moments. I think the creation of great moments and the development of great connection begins with a question—Who do you want to be remembered by?

I am not sure it is possible to accurately define what a “great dad” is. But I do know that great dads plant the seeds of love, encouragement and time into the soil of our relationship with our kids.

Moments of significance are the fruit of time—being fully present in the lives of the people we most want to be remembered by. The moment I experienced with Matthew and Andrew was not created on Friday, October 29, 2017. Our moments of significance are never events but the fruit of a committed journey.

Mastering Impact

The pursuit of impact is about unlocking possibilities, inspiring hearts and changing the lives of the people we most want to be remembered by.

Mastering impact is a journey. It requires a consistent commitment to the pouring ourselves into the people we love and lead. Moments of significance are powerful signs that we are indeed on the path of mastery.

It’s easy to lose sight of our relational priorities. You’ll never be disappointed if you pour your time, talent in resources into the people you most want to be remembered by.

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