June 9, 2017

The Danger of Intellectual Drifting

Sometimes I get distracted and discouraged. Maybe you do to—most of us do. Call it intellectual drifting where we lose sight of where and how we intend to create and sustain meaningful impact with the people we love and teams we lead.

Summer is the drifting season. The “lazy days of summer” invite us to take it easy. Planning for relaxation to reenergize is vital to sustained impact and is much different from intellectual drifting. Drifting is losing touch with our most important roles.

It can be hard to get back on track and give yourself the necessary motivational boost to stop drifting.

Getting Back on Track

One of the best ways to get back on track and revitalize your race is to take a trip. No packing or planning required for this trip. Just time and space to quietly take a trip to the finish line. Yes, the finish line. While every race of life must be lived forwards understand, “Life can only be understood backwards.”

When we take a trip in our minds to the finish line and look backwards it changes how we run the races that stand before us. I picture myself entering the stadium for the last few laps of my life’s marathon and ask myself two questions:

  1. Have I done all I can to touch the lives of the people I most want to be sitting in the stands?
  2. If this future picture was today and I had run my last lap, what did I leave undone that was within my control to impact?

A Vital and Critical Truth

Drifting disconnects you from a vital and critical truth, [shareable]No one has your unique place in the world and time in history to create positive and lasting impact—no one![/shareable] Our minds once challenged with a question never retreat to their previous state.

Traveling to the finish line and reflecting on these questions awakens you—maybe even startles you. The Psalmist wrote, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

We need the blessing of wisdom to keep us from drifting away from a purpose so great and so grand that no one else can replace what you have been created to do.

One Simple Question.

I received a lot of feedback on a recent post titled, “Routine is the Gateway to Performance Breakthrough”. Impact rises and expands out of routine. A routine that includes “checks” that keep you from drifting. We can all be confident that no one plans on regrets. We unconsciously give wings to regrets we starting drifting and have no way to stop to it.

I think I’ll post a question to help me remember my trip to the finish line. A simple question to keep from the danger of intellectual drifting. One simple question, “Today, did I do my very best to invest myself in the people, teams and causes that mean the most to me?


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