April 9, 2014

How Do You Get Back Up?

What do you do when you get knocked down? You, get up. But when you are hurt, a bit confused and maybe dazed by the blow, getting up may not be so easy.

I loved playing baseball as a kid. When I was eleven the best team in our league was the Dodgers because they had Dean Schumberg. Standing on the pitchers mound Dean’s size was intimidating and his fastball was scary fast. The first time I stepped into the batters box, to hit against Dean, my heart began to race.

Dean’s first couple fastballs completely unnerved me. My thoughts quickly shifted from hitting to surviving. As I dug into the batters box, for the next pitch, Dean wound up and let his fastball fly. I saw it coming, but all I could do was duck. I didn’t duck fast enough and it hit me right in the back of the head.

With an ice bag on my head, I sat on the bench for the rest of the game. For the next few games, I had a tough time shifting my focus from surviving back to hitting. Before getting beaned, I was one of the best hitters on our team. Now every time I stepped into the batter’s box I was afraid of getting hit again. If it were not for the encouragement of my coach, I may have never gotten beyond my fear.

“Life is tough, presenting circumstances that will test and challenge you in ways that you can rarely predict.”

A year ago, I saw another fastball coming. Again, I did not duck fast enough; it hit me right in the back of the head. After 30 years building a successful career it was over. It was not how I envisioned it, planned it, or expected it. In a matter of days, my life completely changed.

“Train every day to get as tough as possible physically and emotionally. Work to elevate your health, boost your productivity, and expand your happiness.” 

—James Loehr, Toughness Training for Life

Are you being tested and challenged? Been dazed by the unexpected? How do you get up when you get knocked down? Five things helped me get up and get back in the batters box.

  1. Give thanks, in all circumstances, each day for the blessings you have in your life. This will create what neurologists call a virtuous cycle. The benefits are powerful.
  2. Connect with encouragers. You do not need consolation. Seek encouragement from the people who will challenge you to engage in new dreams and goals.
  3. Improve your diet and fitness. You spend energy in three ways; physically, intellectually and emotionally. Emotional energy is the most taxing and getting knocked down results in a wave of emotions. You will work through it more effectively by improving your diet and fitness.
  4. Build a new life plan around the dreams and goals that stir your soul. Doors close and new opportunities arise. God places dreams on our hearts, it is up to us to act upon them.
  5. Work your plan every day!

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

Jack Canfield

What's your best advice for getting back up when you have been knocked down?


6 comments on “How Do You Get Back Up?”

  1. The fastball's in life are those things that happen to those of us lucky enough to have had the opportunity of learning from them. And the harder we've been hit, the more glory that can come about as these learnings are accepted and we grow and evolve from them. Thanks for the read Jim! Regards, Keith C.

    p.s. I am thankful for having Bruce W. tell me of your site...

      1. Your welcome Jim, though I'm not sure about what "Good to have ice." means? But, I do know that, "No man gains wisdom from that past that he forsakes." Yes, you can quote me on this if you like, as it's from a poem I have written under my pen name 'kcscriptures'...

        Bruce spoke highly of you and thought we should connect.

          1. Got it! Thanks for clarifying of "ice". Understanding, discernment and acceptance have been the keys for me, and others I've seen, in being healed and comforted that have help lead us to the promises of living out our passion, potential and purpose. It's a journey best shared with like-minded others...

          2. My pleasure! I like to say God places dreams on our hearts but it is up to us to act upon them. There is great wisdom in community and my hope is that this site becomes a vehicle for building a community of like-minded people. Thanks for your comments!

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