October 29, 2013

It's a Secret!

Top achievers and people who reach a distinguished level of excellence have a little secret.  They don't hide it and willingly share it.  It is so simple most people reject it and are unwilling to accept it even though researchers consistently identify it as an attribute of top performers.  Consistently applying and practicing this secret can lead to extraordinary performance.

If asked to name the top 10 winningest coaches in college football history you are unlikely to include him on your list.  He knew the secret. He stands #9 on the all-time win list with 305 victories and is in the top 10 for winning percentage at over 75%.  He is a member of The College Football Hall-of-Fame and he applied the secret.

We improve in the direction of lofty goals and ambition when we engage in deliberate practice in the presence of great coaches.  Coaches take us to places we cannot go on our own.  They push us to pursue skills and knowledge in new ways and press us to stretch ourselves in ways necessary to raise performance.

Hall of fame coach Frosty Westering coached for 31 years and won 4 national titles while at Pacific Lutheran University.  Frosty consistently shared the secret with his players and anyone who would listen.  If you want to be great, if you want to reach a new level of excellence or expertise you just have to apply a little "MAGIC'!

Yes, the secret is "MAGIC".

  • Make
  • A
  • Greater
  • Individual
  • Commitment

When things were difficult and challenging Frosty would implore his players to apply a little "MAGIC".  Frosty took players to places they could not go on their own.  He built championship teams by developing championship players one player at a time!  He touched and shaped non-players one student at a time by being an example of character, integrity and vision.

George Washington Carver described "Magic" when he said,  "When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world."

Want to know another secret?  Everyone needs a coach like Frosty Westering in their life.  Who is your mentor or coach?  Effort in the form of deliberate practice is maximized when you get feedback from a great coach.  Average performers go it alone.  Great performers engage with great coaches.

If you are a leader, a coach, a parent, a teacher, a mentor, today you have an opportunity to lead and to touch lives in uncommon ways.  Work a little MAGIC!

What do you think of the secret? How can you apply it?


2 comments on “It's a Secret!”

  1. "Magic" I have always believed that our passions, work or play, will drive us to performance. The key to excellence lies in long term commitment to those passions. The secret to happiness is found in picking the right passions. Oh by the way, real happiness is found in losing our selves in the service others. Thank you for you insight and positive view of life. We truly find in life what we seek.

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