October 10, 2019

8 Proven Steps to Achieving Your Biggest Goals and Dreams

This time-tested and research validated goal achievement process is the system, coaching and support you need to achieve your biggest goals and dreams

The Villain:

  • The human brain—unless you get your brain on board goal achievement is more difficult.
  • The lack of clarity and process robs the focus and discipline necessary to overcome the resistance and adversity that comes with the pursuit of big goals.

The Program:

  • Introduction: Setting the Stage for Great Goal Achievement
  • Module #1: Getting Your Brain on Board
  • Module #2: Eight Step Goal-Achievement Process 
  • Module #3: Not All Goals are Created Equal
  • Module #4: The Secret Question that Drives Energy and Effort

What you get:

  • 13 bite-sized videos
  • Learning and progress checklists.
  • Workbook
  • Goal Planner Worksheet

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