The Feedback You Need to Unlock Performance

Most of us are delusional and miss it

Do you want the good news or the bad news? The truth in the question is we don’t like to deliver bad news so we try to soften its impact. Especially if we anticipate the news is not going to be well received.

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Not all feedback is created equal. I had a boss once who spoke frequently of the need to have “courageous conversations” with people. It takes courage to coach people towards improvement.

Why Juggling Is Robbing You

3 Strategies to Create Greater Impact

A good friend sent me a text. “Jim, can we schedule a bi-weekly call for you to coach me? I have a lot on my plate and at times it can be overwhelming.” I am rarely surprised by such a request because I know exactly what they are feeling and experiencing—don’t you?

Most people I meet are like my friend—ambitious, loving of family and friends, passionate about the things that stir their soul, desiring to live with purpose and wanting to know that what they are doing is going to produce meaningful impact.

A Simple Strategy to Eliminate Complexity and Chaos

It worked for Einstein...

Do you think life is filled with complexity and chaos? Maybe overwhelming with more demands on your time and attention than ever before? If you are like the vast majority of people the answer is yes.

The problem—our individual capacity or bandwidth to process and manage growing complexity is limited. We are overwhelmed with more information and commitments than ever before but don’t know how to manage them to deliver the impact we desire most.

The Time Management Challenge

The Key to Raising Your Impact

Everybody wants more time but it is finite. It doesn’t discriminate—it can’t. You’ll cry out with anguish that you don’t have enough time, but it is one thing that no one has more of or less of than anyone else.

How you spend your time fully exposes where your heart is and what you’re passionate about. It is simply the nature of time—it marches on regardless of circumstance. You can’t put a price on it, but to the people you love and lead it is the most valuable gift you give them.

One Thing Successful People Consistently Do

More is Better Than Less

Who thinks more is better than less? A few years ago AT&T ran a series of commercials titled “It’s Not Complicated.” When this question was posed to a young girl she eventually exclaimed, “We want more, we want more, we really like it.”

What about impact? Who thinks more is better than less? More impact is better—creating positive change for the people you love and lead.  When you look at people who possess the capacity for greater impact you find they consistently do one thing and do more of it.

Raise Your Productivity Today!

Maximize Your Impact on the People You Love and Lead

One of the keys to creating and sustaining personal and professional impact is productivity. Everyone knows it, but improving productivity is difficult. There are too many distractions and things competing for our attention.

I have been fascinated with goal achievement and productivity for as long as I can remember. Given all we know, why is it that just three weeks into a new year 72% of people who set new years resolutions have abandoned them. Before you quickly pass over this startling fact, pause for just a moment. These goals and dreams that are so easily abandoned are filled with impact. Positive, life changing, impact that would change the lives of the people we love and lead.

Stop Focusing on Time and Start Focusing on Choices

How often have you thought, “I don’t have enough time!” Where does the time go? We start the year with 365 days and each day we are given 24 hours. Amazing to think we get the same number of hours in a day the greatest achievers in all of history received. How did they accomplish so much?