10 Things Successful People Never Do Again

Experience is inevitable but learning is optional

Some of the greatest failures in histories resulted from not learning from past mistakes. Truth never ceases to be the truth just because we deny it. This is true—experience is inevitable, but learning is optional. There is nothing that says a mistake can’t be repeated—goodness we see it all the time.

One of the key qualities that separates high-impact people from everyone else is their ability to apply their own experiences and the experiences of others to improve their skills and results.

Three Ways to Fight Through Struggles

The pathway to growth and achievement

Do you know anyone who gets up in the morning, thinks about the day in front of them for a moment and proclaims, “I hope I get a chance to struggle today.” As a parent, do you think about your kids and say, “I sure hope they are challenged today?” Do leaders and coaches look at the teams they are leading and wish for them to experience failure and defeat?

I need to be reminded, sometimes frequently, that the goal of struggling should be growth and improvement—ultimately greater impact. Embracing struggle and the reality of being a work-in-process is not easy or comfortable. In the midst of struggle, the path to victory is fueled by learning how to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Five Strategies for Success When You Want to Quit

Oh, I have wanted to quit – haven’t you? Hey, I have quit and failed more times than I would like to admit. And it prompts me to ask, what is it that leads us to push aside great dreams, and set aside success?

I would like to think the gap was something so great that it would make for a good movie or book, but the reality is it was me falling prey to life’s temporary inconveniences.

Five Empowering Responses to Doubt, Fear, and Discouragement

Have you ever thought of quitting your job, abandoning a dream, or giving up on a relationship?

Have you walked away from something you once declared was important, and later come to realize you were defeated by your own doubt, fear, or discouragement?

At some point, haven’t we all been overwhelmed with doubt, fear, or discouragement in the pursuit of great visions, aspiring dreams, and important goals. It is silly and irrational to think we won’t experience these feelings.

You Have to Believe You Will Eventually Succeed

Have you ever set an outrageous goal? A goal that you may have been ill-prepared to pursue, maybe lacked the skill, talent, or support to reach, but you pursued it anyway?

I remember setting my first out-of-reach, crazy, outrageous goal in the 7th grade. I loved basketball and after we moved onto Andrews A.F. B., in Washington D.C., I decided to try out for the Benjamin D. Foulois Junior High School basketball team.

How To Avoid the Five Reasons Why People Commonly Fail

There is no time to waste. Another year is winding down and the dawn of a new year is upon us.

A recent study suggested that people will spend more time thinking about how to ring in the New Year than they will spend figuring out what they want to accomplish in the coming year.

What would it take to make 2015 your best year ever?