The Victors Challenge

How to rise in the little and big challenges of life...

The juxtaposition of youth and maturity (growing old) had my full and undivided attention this past week. In a brief 24-hour period, I found myself standing in a hospital room and a college classroom.

At first glance, I didn’t consider for a moment there could be similarities. How could it be possible that the intersection of youthful anticipation and the pursuit of graceful aging could share something so powerful in common?

Creating the Future You Dream Of

Reinventing Yourself—The Discipline of the 2nd Curve

Why would you make a change when things are going well? Who would think it good advice to abandon something in the midst of success?

reinventing reinvention 2nd curves 2nd curve startup start over

A good thing is a good thing—right? It would be foolish to jump ship or change course when the view and the forecast looks perfect. But is it?

It’s Stealing Your Future

The inability to focus is limiting your success

May I have your attention please? Please, can I have your attention for a brief moment? In a world of digital distractions, brief is sometimes not even long enough for someone to read a headline. Today, the ability to get and maintain focus is waning and it is robbing you.

Stealing Future Focus

Our inability to focus and concentrate on important relationships and goals is a critical! It may be the primary obstacle to creating and sustaining meaningful personal and professional impact.

The Biggest Obstacle to Greater Impact

It's the trap that leads to regrets.

Every story has a hero—an impact maker. Think about your personal story? As the hero or heroine of your story, what stands out the most? What moment, experience or achievement are you most proud of? Why?

Was your proudest moment a highlight (maybe the highlight) or simply a milestone along your path. What is amazing to learn is that the stories of people late in life share a similar theme—regret.

Raise Your Productivity Today!

Maximize Your Impact on the People You Love and Lead

One of the keys to creating and sustaining personal and professional impact is productivity. Everyone knows it, but improving productivity is difficult. There are too many distractions and things competing for our attention.

I have been fascinated with goal achievement and productivity for as long as I can remember. Given all we know, why is it that just three weeks into a new year 72% of people who set new years resolutions have abandoned them. Before you quickly pass over this startling fact, pause for just a moment. These goals and dreams that are so easily abandoned are filled with impact. Positive, life changing, impact that would change the lives of the people we love and lead.

Your Future is Created by What You Do Today

Can you? Or can’t you? I wrestle with these questions all the time. Two seemingly simple questions that commonly separates achievement and failure.

The pursuit of difficult goals present challenges and frustrations that bring us to a moment of truth where talent, past accomplishments, or ability will likely not determine success. A moment of truth that commands in us a belief that we can do it, a point where you don’t worry about whether anyone else thinks you can – you step out and do it.

Seven Essential Strategies for Accomplishing Big Dreams

Do you realize we are much more likely to come to the end of our days with a longer list of regrets than achievements? Over the course of our days, big dreams and long-term goals commonly get pushed aside and resurrect themselves as regrets.

Charles Hummel wrote “Tyranny of the Urgent.” The tyranny of the urgent simply says we live in constant tension between the urgent and the important.

You Have to Believe You Will Eventually Succeed

Have you ever set an outrageous goal? A goal that you may have been ill-prepared to pursue, maybe lacked the skill, talent, or support to reach, but you pursued it anyway?

I remember setting my first out-of-reach, crazy, outrageous goal in the 7th grade. I loved basketball and after we moved onto Andrews A.F. B., in Washington D.C., I decided to try out for the Benjamin D. Foulois Junior High School basketball team.

Stop Focusing on Time and Start Focusing on Choices

How often have you thought, “I don’t have enough time!” Where does the time go? We start the year with 365 days and each day we are given 24 hours. Amazing to think we get the same number of hours in a day the greatest achievers in all of history received. How did they accomplish so much?