Impactful Notes


“Encouraging success one note at a time.”

Great living, achievement and impact begins with great thinking…

Impactful Notes is the…

  • Quick, easy and powerful resource for consistent motivation, inspiration and encouragement.
  • Simple, effective and efficient way to improve motivation, skills, and knowledge in only 90 seconds a day.
  • Fast and fun way to encourage your kids, your family, and your team every day.

Who are Impactful Notes for?

  • Kids you want to motivate, encourage, inspire and keep in touch with.
  • Achievers who are looking for an edge they use every day.
  • Parents and Grandparents who want to give the gift of encouragement, inspiration and wisdom.
  • Leaders who want an impactful way to stay in touch with their people.
  • Young professionals who want to get ahead in a competitive environment.
  • Anyone with a goal and a dream.

Where did Impactful Notes come from?

When my boy’s went to high school I knew they were going to become more independent and face new and challenging academic, social and athletic situations. I also saw how social media and digital tools were changing the way we communicate. In time, I found the most reliable means of communication and staying in contact was text messaging. So, I began writing brief notes of inspiration, motivation, wisdom and encouragement and began sending the notes to them every morning. They started sharing them with friends and I began sharing them with some of the 1,200 people who worked for me. Pretty soon I was sending my daily message to dozens of people every day. When I didn’t send someone a note it was very common to receive a text message from them asking me where their note was for the day. I started to get notes from kids, parents and associates to add people to my list. Managing my notes by sending individual or group text messages was becoming more difficult. We were all designed for success and blessed with unique skills and talents. The fuel to unlock our potential lies in gaining knowledge, finding inspiration, and uncovering motivation. Impactful Notes was born from my desire to be a great dad, a thoughtful leader and a dependable friend.

What do they say about Impactful Notes?

“In the midst of busy days and crazy schedules, ImACTfulNotes is an extra vote of confidence and reassurance to tackle the day and stay focused on my most important goals.” –Carrie: 31, Manager, Social Media Company

“ImpACTfulNotes is an incredible opportunity to influence the young people in my life that I care about in a positive way. The messages are encouraging, inspiring and truly impactful!” -Bruce: Husband, Father, Business Leader

“Every morning I have the privilege of waking up to ImpACTfulNotes. It  jump starts my day with encouragement, hope, and passion! The wisdom I have applied from the notes have made me more successful personally and professionally.  I am very thankful for the gift of ImpACTful Notes!” -David: 26,Investment Advisor, Financial Company

“ImpACTful Notes is a great way to start off my day. Each day I receive new suggestions that help me reach my goals. I share them with my friends which helps us keep each other accountable. ImpACTful notes is an invaluable tool in my life.” -Boone: 24, Chemical Sales, Agricultural Company

“When I started getting Impactful Notes about two years ago they were really helpful. I was in a bit of a slump and the notes encouraged me giving me something useful to use and apply everyday. They are such a great way for me to get my day started.” –Jeff: 23, Logistics Manager, Furniture Company

“I love waking up to a great message every morning. I really appreciate the encouragement and inspiration I get from ImpACTful Notes. They have been very helpful.” -Jenn: 21, College

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6 thoughts on “Impactful Notes

  1. Thank you for the gift of impactful notes and continuing to send. In sharing, somehow someone will be impacted with the gift of gifting. After all, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Merry Christmas!

  2. I began receiving the “Impactful Notes” text messages over the course of my senior year at Arizona State University. Reading the daily motivational and success techniques truly helped me retain focus on my internship and last semester as a full-time student. The much needed boost of ambition provided by “Impactful Notes” aided in my success of receiving my diploma, international business certificate, as well as a full-time job offer from a Fortune 100 company.

    Thank you!

    James Torrey

    • James, thanks for the feedback and playing an important role in the development of Impactful Notes. We are excited to be near the live launch of the site. Congratulations on graduating and for securing a great start on your career.

    • Frin, thank you! We have added you to our interest list. We will be launching soon and look forward to sharing a daily boost. You can go to to learn more.