You Have to Believe You Will Eventually Succeed

Have you ever set an outrageous goal? A goal that you may have been ill-prepared to pursue, maybe lacked the skill, talent, or support to reach, but you pursued it anyway?

I remember setting my first out-of-reach, crazy, outrageous goal in the 7th grade. I loved basketball and after we moved onto Andrews A.F. B., in Washington D.C., I decided to try out for the Benjamin D. Foulois Junior High School basketball team.

Creating Personal Inflection Points to Fuel Success

An examination of our lives will reveal we have experienced a variety of personal inflection points.

A personal inflection point is an event or experience along the path of life that grabs our attention, changes the way we think about things, and has the potential to profoundly change our life. 

Personal inflection points can be a catalyst to propel us forward towards our purpose and potential, or they can blow up the road in front of, and push our lives on a detour.