Purpose — Practical, Powerful and Proven Secrets

#6: Be Grounded in Your Purpose—6 Principles for Growing Your Influence, Increasing Your Impact, and Expanding Your Contribution

Be persistent in your purpose! Think of your purpose as your divine appointment with your greatest calling. It is not discovered or perfected in comfort, but refined in humility, grace, resilience, vision and intentionality. 

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Purpose evolves without regard to our age. It should be our coveted companion that we care for and nuture. I think the power in our purpose is ultimately a reflection of our response to the changing seasons of life. I find it ironic that age never appeared to be relevant to God. Thus, “It’s never to late to be who you might have been.

Be Visionary In Your Perspective

Principle #4: Six Principles for Growing Your Influence, Increasing your Impact and Expanding Your Contribution

Be visionary in your perspective. DeWitt Jones, the award winning photographer and speaker, says, “Vision is the ability to see what everyone else sees and to see something different.” 

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Vision is personal and marks your divine birthright. It’s not something foreign or undiscoverable because it was implanted on your heart. Complacency and routine hide it from view. But when you begin to see what only you can see and bring it sharply into view you’ll grow your influence, increase your impact and expand your contribution.  

Be Resilient in Your Failings

Principle #3: Six Principles for Growing Your Influence, Increasing Your Impact and Expanding Your Contribution

Be resilient in your failings. We prefer comfort over struggle. If we are honest, we prefer comfort above most things. Failing brings us face-to-face with our fears. Strange and maybe counterintuitive, but when it comes to  growing your influence, increasing your impact and expanding your contribution fear points you positively in the direction of what you have to do.

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Ever utter the word, “Can’t!” In the third grade, I wasn’t confident about most things. But I was confident that I didn’t like to do anything that was difficult. Every time I would say, “Can’t,” my third grade teacher, Mrs. Aikens, would reply, “Can’t never did anything.”

Be Gracious in Your Victories

Principle #2—Six Principles for Growing Your Influence, Increasing your Impact and Expanding Your Contribution

Be gracious in your victories! What comes to mind first when you read this? Possibly “gracious” is not a label you’d associate with being “victorious?” Certainly not in today’s world—right? The images and words of the victors today are rarely construed as gracious.

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Why should you, I, or anyone be gracious in victory? Because it is proven to be a quality essential for growing your influence, increasing your impact and expanding your contribution.

Six Principles of Impact, Influence and Contribution

Principle #1: Be Humble In Your Aspirations

It won’t go away. It’s always lingering and begs us to engage with it even when we try to ignore it. That’s what this question does. It engages you and presses you to stretch towards your potential—Who do you have to become to grow your influence, increase your impact and expand your contribution?

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A couple weeks ago, I shared five core principles with my ImpACTful Notes subscribers aimed at helping them answer this question. The content clearly resonated with people and their feedback inspired me to provide more insights into this burning question. 

How to Be the Hero You Dream of Being

The Four Act Play of Life

Deep down we all share the same dream. It doesn’t matter where we were born or our circumstances of life the flame of this dream is always burning. It may only flicker at times, but you can’t extinguish it. You dream of being a hero.

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A Shocking Truth That Is Easy To Miss

Two things to know about the people you meet

It’s important, vital and critical. It is stirring inside but unless you really pay attention, you’ll miss it. There are signs, the statistics are shocking but how were you to know? We simply don’t talk about suicide.

Tyler Hilinski, Cougs, Cougar Football, WSU, suicide

This past week suicide claimed the life of a family member. I didn’t know Tyler Hilinski personally, but I knew him. I admired him, cheered him on and cried when I heard the tragic news—he was part of our Cougar family.

What Did Larry King Want to Know?

The answer shouldn't have been a surprise.

Merry Christmas! You don’t hear people say, “Merry Christmas” too often anymore. These two simple words that open the door to a message of unending joy and hope is growing silent.

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It would be rare to hear anything other than “Happy Holidays” anywhere you go these days. Where did “Merry Christmas” go?

What is the Best Christmas Gift You Ever Received

Do you still have it?

I wrapped a couple Christmas presents this week. It is the season we hope to give and receive great gifts. What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Christmas, Christmas Gift, best Christmas Gift, perfect Christmas gift, devotional, journal

Here is a tougher question. Do you still have it? Or have all the “must have,” “just gotta have” desires that ruled that particular season faded to a faint memory?

The Ten Most Extravagant Christmas Gifts

Building the foundation of a powerful legacy

Christmas is about extravagance. But do we really know what extravagant Christmas gifts look like?  I watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” last night. It premiered 52 years ago which means I’ve watched it at least 52 times. When it premiered in 1965, I am sure I watched it in black and white. Today, in vivid color, it reminds me of my dad.

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Lucy appoints Charlie Brown to be the Director of the Christmas play. In the midst of chaos, Charlie Brown raises his head (I’d say chin, but he doesn’t have one) and shouts, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”