Little Red Book of Selling

12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness—simple, straight forward, practical advice. Sales requires time, attention, focus and commitment. Jeffrey Gitomer is a student of sales and shares his wisdom and experience in a format that is fun to read.

Why read “Little Red Book of Selling?” If you want to be a better seller this is a must read. Gitomer does not pull any punches! You will be presented great examples of what to do and how you can do it.

The Greatest Salesman in the World

This book continues to be a best seller after being in print for nearly 50 years. Og Mandino’s clear, simple writing style supports his purpose: to make the principles of successful selling easily understood. The story weaves together the priceless wisdom of ten ancient scrolls handed down for thousands of years.

Why read “The Greatest Salesman in the World?” Selling is the toughest easy profession in the world. The principles shared in this book are timeless and if applied will help anyone who wants to be more effective in sales and in life. This is not a book about selling technique. This is a book about the philosophy, habits, discipline and character required to succeed in sales and life. Without a strong foundation, all the sales technique and strategies in the world will not make anyone a successful sales professional. Great gift for high school and college graduates.

To Sell is Human

This is a book about sales and how the character and complexion of selling has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Pink lays out arguments for rethinking the view of selling. If you are not directly engaged in sales you are most definitely engaged in persuading, convincing and influencing others. He debunks the myth that selling is something done to the customer—pointing to honesty, fairness, and transparency as the only viable path. He concludes with a solid look at social science research and provides a solid framework for understanding how to effectively influence decision makers.

Why read “To Sell is Human?” Pink is correct, everyone sells! Selling and the essence of influence and persuasion are fundamental to success in any field. This is one of the best books written on sales and persuasion in the last five years. I have read hundreds of sales books and Daniel Pink does an excellent job of explaining what selling is, why it is important to understand, and why it is crucial to being successful in any field.

Leadership is an Art

Max DePree was long-time chairman and CEO of Herman Miller, Inc., one of the finest office furniture companies in the world. Under DePree’s leadership, Herman Miller was consistently recognized as one of the “best managed” and “most innovative” companies. It was consistently chosen as on the best companies to work for in America. DePree shares his insights on the ideas, beliefs, and relationships that are at the heart of great leadership.

Why read “Leadership is an Art?” Leadership is not a science. When I first read this book in 1989, it was easy to see why Herman Miller was so successful. If you believe that people are the connection between strategy and success, you will want to read this book. It wasn’t called servant leadership in 1989, but this book shows how leaders put their people and organizations in a position to be their best and do their best.

Lincoln on Leadership

Abraham Lincoln was elected to the presidency by a minority vote, the nation was in turmoil, his cabinet viewed him as a figurehead, and ten days before he took the oath of office, the Confederate States of America seceded from the Union. Phillips reveals-from the pragmatic to the unconventional-the techniques and strategies that rallied a nation and transformed Lincoln into one of the great leaders in history.

Why read “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership?” History is a great teacher. If you want to be successful, find others who have been successful and do the same thing. This book provides keen insight into how to manage in difficult and turbulent times.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

John Maxwell has spent a lifetime studying and teaching leadership. Author of over 30 books on the subject of leadership and success, Maxwell touches over 1,000,000 people a year. In this book, Maxwell answers the question “If you were to take everything you have learned about leadership over the years and boil it down into a short list, what would it be?” The laws can be learned, can stand alone, carry consequences with them and are foundational for leadership.

Why read “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership?” Leadership can be both simple and complex. Maxwell has the ability to make the complex simple and this is why I like this book. If you aspire to be a better leader, this book provides a foundation of knowledge you can use to attract and grow your team. If you are an experienced leader, it serves as a great tool to assess your strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.

Finishing Well – What People Who Really Live Do Differently

Bob Buford built and sold Buford Television – a large network of cable systems across the country – in 1999. He is currently the Chairman of The Buford Foundation, co-founder and first chairman of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, and the author of three books. Based on inspiring interviews with 60 remarkable people, Buford lays out practical strategies and perspective on how to live lives of impact and contribution.

Why read “Finishing Well?” The insights and perspective of Buford and the incredible people he interviews are priceless. If you are looking to live with more purpose and greater impact this book is a great place to start.

20,000 Days and Counting

Your 20,000 day of life will occur shortly before your 55 birthday. Robert D. Smith identified this milestone birthday and set out to use it as a springboard into the rest of his life. The result was a powerful book that will change the way you look at time, your life and desert! I have given dozens of copies of this book away. My 19 year old nephew loved it as have many friends who like me are approaching their 20,000 day birthday.

Why read “20,000 Days and Counting?” It is practical, simple, and powerful. If you are looking to energize your life with urgency and a sense of purpose, this book is a must read.

The Noticer Returns

Andy Andrews is one of my favorite authors and an incredible story teller. In “The Noticer Returns,” Andy is reunited with the man who changes everything for him–Jones, also known as “The Noticer.” Jones ability to notice the little things in life provides an entire community new perspective.

Why read “The Noticer Returns?” You will gain not only perspective but tools and questions to help you create the future of your dreams. How good is it? I bought a whole case to give away.

The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers

The seven secrets really are not secrets. But they are certainly foundational for becoming an effective father and being a leader in your home . Given his background in research, Canfield does a very solid job of explaining why the application of these secrets will increase the effectiveness of any father who puts them to work. Canfield shows why; commitment, knowing your child, consistency, protecting and providing, loving their mother, active listening, and spiritual equipping are the foundational to being a great dad.

Why read “The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers?” If you are a new dad or a dad that wants to be intentional about improving your impact as a dad, this is a great book. I read this book and used it a a reference for building my plan for raising my two sons with my wife. It was originally written in 1993, but I continue to find the elements of what makes an effective father are still true today.