Holy Ambition – What it Takes to Make a Difference for God

Chip Ingram is a teaching pastor and the leads the broadcast ministry “Living on the Edge.” The ambition Chip describes is to make a difference for God. He walks through six incremental steps: developing a dislocated heart, experiencing a broken spirit, practicing radical faith, creating a strategic plan, exercising personal commitment, and growing a courageous soul. Ingram does a masterful job of explaining and illustrating each step and helping you to come to an understanding of the value that Jesus places on your life.

Why read “Holy Ambition?” Chip Ingram is a wonderful writer and uses the story of Nehemiah to share real truths about life. He recognizes that all of us are at different points in our life and our faith and does and excellent job of approaching any reader from where they are today. I loved the way this book challenged me to think differently and the practical nature of Chip’s teaching.

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