God Built

Steve Farrar is the founder and chairman of Men’s Leadership Ministries. Steve focuses and helping men be intentional and purposeful about their role as leaders in their homes and their communities. In “God Built, Forged by God…in the Bad and Good of Life,” Steve uses the story of Joseph to show how men of God are not born that way but shaped by God through the events of their lives. Steve effectively uses examples and stories to show how God uses all the events in our lives in powerful ways.

Why read “God Built?” Steve Farrar is one of my favorite writers. He has the ability to tell stories and create examples you can relate to and apply. He is blunt! He challenges you with great questions that will lead to growth in development in the important roles in your life. I have given away a lot of copies of this book and everyone who received it came back to me and told me it was one of the best books they had ever read.

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