Impact is Not an Invitation Only Event

It all began with a hug...

It all began with a hug. A hug is ageless and communicates like few things can. Do you realize that when we are young we get used to hearing people tell us we need more experience. After gaining the experience and learning the tough lessons that come with that experience it is not unusual to be told your time has passed. The fact is neither is true.

The truth is no one has your unique place in the world to positively impact the people you love, teams you lead and the causes that stir your heart. The venue may change, your audience might be different but creating and sustaining impact has nothing to do with whether we are young or old.

Impact is the result of using your time, talent and resources to inspire hearts, offer encouragement in the face of failure and disappointment and help people unlock their gifts and possibilities. Impact is not an invitation only event. It is opportunities we seize, many seemingly innocent or obscure, as they intersect our paths every day.

The momentum and inertia of our daily routine can easily blind us of these opportunities. But yesterday it seized me. I spoke to a group called Club 55. As you might imagine from the name, it is a community best described as mature and experienced. The talk was titled, “God’s Not Through With You Yet.”

As people were gathered around the table where I was signing books, a woman approached the table. As I greeted her, she said, “Can I have a hug?” She had tears in her eyes as I stood up and she wrapped her arms around me. She clung to me tightly as she told me a story about her life. She grew more emotional with every word and I could feel her tears falling down my cheek. As she let go, she looked at me and said, “Thank you.”

“It’s never too late to start a new race…to reinvent yourself in a new beginning and leave what is in the past in the past.”

—Tape Breakers

After I finished signing books and was cleaning up, her husband approached me. He told me it was the first time they had come to Club 55. He told me about a journey filled with challenges and heart break. As he turned to walk away he said, “Thank you.”

There is someone who needs what you have to give them today. There is someone who’s waiting for you to seize the opportunity for impact. You might be the only person who is given the opportunity—seize it.