What Are Your New Year Plans?

Change Your Thinking—Launch a Breakthrough Year

Turning the calendar to a New Year is always filled with anticipation. But there is nothing amazing, magical or powerful about turning the calendar to a new year. The reality is January 1 is just another day. And 2016, for most people, will be just another year.

One thing about the future is certain—if you don’t think about it you can most certainly plan to be disappointed by it. One thing about new year resolutions is certain—92% of us failed to achieve them last year. January 17 is known as “Ditch New Years Resolutions Day!” Yes, January 17, 2016 has been officially identified as the day to celebrate abandoning our New Years resolutions. 

But like January 1, January 17 becomes just another day—the day 71% of us slip back into our comfortable and predictable routine. But do you really want to join the majority of people who pack their dreams, ambition, and potential away for another year?

The best place to start the new year is to ponder where your thinking is leading you. You can never rise above the quality of your thinking. Breakthrough years filled with great achievement and impact starts with changing your thinking.

Start here to power up your thinking:

•Invest the best you have to give in your most important roles.

•Love the important people in your life freely.

•Stir up the courage to act on the dreams that move your soul.

•Don’t let anything rob you of your passion.

•Choose kindness and compassion at every turn in the road.

•Enthusiastically pursue wisdom and knowledge.

•Live in the embrace and saving grace of forgiveness.

•Laugh often, share your smile as a gift, and give thanks frequently.

•Pray consistently for guidance and direction.

“For if you are breathing, then you are still alive. And if you are still alive, that means you haven’t accomplished what you were placed on earth to do.” 

Let’s not let this year pass as just another year! Who’s counting on you to positively impact their life?

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