Five Strategies for Success When You Want to Quit

Oh, I have wanted to quit – haven’t you? Hey, I have quit and failed more times than I would like to admit. And it prompts me to ask, what is it that leads us to push aside great dreams, and set aside success?

I would like to think the gap was something so great that it would make for a good movie or book, but the reality is it was me falling prey to life’s temporary inconveniences.

Think of temporary inconveniences as all of the things you don’t like to do but just have to be done, and all of the seemingly endless demands on your time that keep you from being the success you set out to be.

Before we know it the temporary inconveniences of life become our lives. How many times have we described a dream, a goal, or a personal passion, and then go on to talk about how life somehow unfolded, and crowded success out?

It is so easy for the daily demands, the so-called temporary inconveniences, to consume our time and attention leaving less time to pursue the goals and dreams that stir our souls.

If the temporary inconveniences are not enough to stop you, the path to success will assuredly bring you face-to-face with four challenges that will potentially break your spirit and rob you of your passion to finish the pursuit of your goal or dream.

  1. It is going to cost more than you think.
  2. It is going to take longer than you think.
  3. It is going to be more frustrating than you think.
  4. You will discover you have more critics than you think.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.”

I think most of us hate quitting, but fear failing. Quitting says there was more we could do, but we made the decision to give up. Failing says we took positive action but it didn’t work out. Failing doesn’t have to be the final word, but too commonly it defeats us, and turns our attention back to managing all of the temporary inconveniences.

In that moment of truth where we had to choose between pressing on or quitting, we decided good would be good enough.

“The best gift you could ever receive is the encouragement to love and embrace challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning.” 

-Carol Dweck, Ph.D.

Good is not good enough – don’t let the temporary inconveniences command your time, attention, and passion.

Here are five encouraging strategies to help you achieve the success you desire.

  1. Pour your heart and effort into purposeful engagement with your goal or dream.
  2. Don’t give into failure. Failure hurts, but it will point to what you have to do to get better.
  3. Don’t fall prey to believing circumstances determine your outcomes. Press on – learn, prepare, and execute on what you can control.
  4. Focus on positive action in the time you have between the demands of life. Ask yourself consistently, “Is what I am doing right now contributing to my highest, or most important goal.
  5. Build and foster an unbreakable relationship with someone who believes in you, encourages you, and tells you the truth.

Optimism is always highest when you are starting out. Then you come face-to-face with resistance and quitting and failure enter the picture  – expect it. Never lose sight of the fact you were created for a great purpose. Use these strategies to crowd out the temporary inconveniences and turn resistance into results.

It’s your day, your time, and your choice.

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