Five Things Sure to Turn Resolutions into Reality

Happy New Year! Turning the calendar to a new year ushers in a sense of excitement – a hopeful anticipation of new achievements, improved relationships, and greater personal impact.

This is the most important time for setting new goals. Research shows that people who set goals at the first of the year are 10 times more likely to achieve them versus setting a goal at any other time of the year.

Next year at this time, if your life is pretty much the same as it is today, will you be satisfied?

Wrestle with this question for a moment. Consider you are an unrepeatable miracle, designed for success and impact. Your purpose is unique to you. No one can fulfill the great calling that is yours alone. There is more for each of us to do.

Ask yourself two questions.

  • Which of my roles must I succeed in this year?
  • If I accomplished one goal that would have the most significant impact on that role, what would it be?

Clarity and focus lead to action. While everyone has multiple goals and aspirations for the year, I want you to focus on the single most important goal you would like to achieve. You will increase your chance of achieving this goal by doing five things.

  1. Write the goal down in first-person, pre-possession form.
  2. Put this goal somewhere you can read it every day.
  3. Every day invest at least 15 minutes on this goal.
  4. Identify someone to share this goal and your progress with.
  5. Review your progress weekly and send an update to your friend.

There are certainly more specific strategies and actions you can employ. The objective is to create clarity and focus. The process is simple and very effective. Step five, alone, has been shown to increase goal achievement by 63%.

As you usher in the New Year:

  • May your most important roles receive the best you have to give.
  • May the people you love the most feel loved every day.
  • May you demonstrate the courage to act on the dreams and goals that stir your soul.
  • May you be filled with the passion to persist in the face of obstacles.
  • May you choose kindness and compassion at every opportunity.
  • May you enthusiastically pursue wisdom and knowledge, and embrace the saving grace of forgiveness.
  • May you laugh often, smile continually, and give thanks frequently.
  • May you pray consistently for guidance and direction.
  • May your pursuit of personal growth and accomplishment open new doors of opportunity.
  • May you be able to celebrate, next year at this time, a year marked by contribution and impact.

Here’s to making this New Year your best ever!

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2 thoughts on “Five Things Sure to Turn Resolutions into Reality

  1. My biggest obstacle has always been me. I’m the only thing in my way. I make excuses; I get busy; I doubt myself, and I don’t make the goal or resolution a priority. This year I’m paying attention to how I sabotage myself…hopefully I’ll do less of that. Afterall, awareness is 2/3rds of the solution to any problem.
    Here’s to a fabulous ’15!

    • I agree Catherine! We all fall into the habit of routine and get sidetracked by challenges. Clarify, simplify, and focus. We can get overzealous and spread ourselves too thin. I have found the five steps to be invaluable to keeping on track. Look forward to helping you make 2015 fabulous!