Creating Personal Inflection Points to Fuel Success

An examination of our lives will reveal we have experienced a variety of personal inflection points.

A personal inflection point is an event or experience along the path of life that grabs our attention, changes the way we think about things, and has the potential to profoundly change our life. 

Personal inflection points can be a catalyst to propel us forward towards our purpose and potential, or they can blow up the road in front of, and push our lives on a detour.

Eleven years ago, between September and December, I experienced an important personal inflection point.  It emerged from two tragic losses. In September, my dear friend John passed away, and in December my dad passed away.

John’s passing changed the course of my life forever. John’s wife is my wife’s cousin. Kathleen and their three kids Johnny, Nicholas, and Katherine became an extension of our family.  In the ensuing months, it was fun to introduce Kathleen as my second wife. Add in that I had five kids and you had a real conversation starter.

In late November, just eight weeks after John passed I spent a week sleeping with my dad, in ICU, in order to allow my mom to go home and get some rest. My dad was not able to speak at the time, and I remember saying goodbye that last morning and knowing the way that he looked at me he was also saying goodbye. On December 4, my dad passed away.

At this time, every year, I am reminded of these events. When I look at the words I shared at their services to remember John and my Dad I am reminded again about the brevity of life. I am reminded of the importance of personal inflection points as signposts to guide our intentions and direction.

Through many of the personal inflection points in my life, I have discovered and been led to the fact I am a leader, mentor and coach. I do my best work when I am serving and supporting others in the pursuit of being great in their most important roles.

My goals for 2015 are defined around helping you create personal inflection points that serve as catalysts of positive change and accomplishment.

  1. Use this site to help our readers live with intention and purpose.
  2. Launch the Impactful Notes website where we “Encourage Success One Note at a Time”.
    • Deliver notes of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration five days a week via text message or email.
    • Provide a platform for parents to deliver powerful content to their kids and help parents stay connected.
    • Build a resource library of content and tools to help students, parents, teachers, coaches, and leaders live with purpose and impact.
    • Deliver compassion, through sharing the revenue from the site, to the hungry, homeless and suffering.
    • Give away $1,000,000 in the next five years.
    • One of our first targets is supporting the fight against “human trafficking.”

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3 thoughts on “Creating Personal Inflection Points to Fuel Success

    • Robert, that is a good one. Our best is always reflected when we get our roles in order. Try the 15 minute rule – give at least 15 minutes a day to the area that needs the most attention.