You Know You Do It!



Do you do it?  You do and don’t even realize it. What if you knew you could improve your productivity by 20% to 40% if you stopped doing it.

What is it?  Multitasking.  You may not even realize how frequently you are multitasking.  Whether you are switching between tasks or trying to work on more than one project at a time you are multi-tasking.  More commonly you are accessing multiple electronic media sources while in the middle of another activity or assignment.  Have you observed these behaviors:

  • Looking at your phone during a meeting?
  • Working on email or a project while on a conference call?
  • Checking your email when it alerts you while having a conversation with someone?
  • Picking up your phone during a meal with family or friends?

Multitasking kills performance simply because your brain does not operate effectively and efficiently when its focus is split.  Multitasking also negatively impacts your relationships when you allow yourself to use your phone or turn your attention to something other than the people you are speaking with, dining with or sharing time with.

Do you want to get your important projects and assignments done faster and better?  Block out dedicated time in 45 to 90 minute increments and turn off your phone, any unnecessary windows on your computer, all music and television and get to work!  When you maintain focus on the people and projects/assignments that are most important to you you will improve your performance, increase your efficiency and improve your relationships.  Make it a distraction free day!

Question: What suggestions do you have for eliminating multitasking? You can leave a comment by clicking here.