Are you holding yourself back?

You Gotta Believe

What would you do if you knew you would succeed?  What aren’t you doing or trying because you think you might fail?  The answers to these questions are a reflections of your dreams.  Do you know what the two common denominators are between these two questions?  Belief and fear!  Oh, the power of human emotion on your choices and your performance.

While at Stanford University, Albert Bandura conducted extensive research on performance and goal achievement and concluded the more you believe you can meet a goal the more likely you will.  What is fear?  (F)alse (E)xpectations (A)pearing (R)eal…there may be very real obstacles you will need to overcome but the fact is most fear is created in your mind.  You will change your level of performance, the quality of your impact, the trajectory of your career, the quality of your life by leaning into your fears and raising your belief in yourself.

You will compete and achieve to the level you see yourself achieving.  No more and no less.  What is your big dream?  Go after it, compete against the best, take on the toughest assignments, and believe you can do it.  You can – you choose!  Make it a great day!

Question: What are you going to start leaning into that you didn’t believe you could do or were fearful of? You can leave a comment by clicking here.